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Tilt Ditching Bucket
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Tilt Ditching Bucket
Achieve greater flexibility with the added versatility of an AMI tilt ditching bucket - Designed specifically to reach those awkward spots with less repositioning of your excavator. AMI tilting buckets allow for level grading on uneven terrain, provide a smooth tilting action and are designed to fit tightly when curled up. With a 45 degree tilt range on each side, AMI's tilt ditching buckets give the right angle every time. Available in all sizes and a range of colours, AMI makes it easy to add the tilting feature to your line of equipment. The bottom reversible cutting edge adds longevity and provides easy in-field maintenance. Get extra flexibility out of your equipment with an AMI tilt ditching bucket, contact AMI Attachments for details.
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When an “out-of-the-box” attachment doesn’t cut it, AMI engineering will custom build an attachment to your exacting specifications.
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