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Stump Harvester
  • Stump Harvester


Stump Harvester
Dig, split, shear and load with the ultimate wood harvesting attachment for excavators – an AMI Stump Harvester. Ideal for land clearing and wood processing applications where productivity and control are critical, the AMI Stump Harvester is a multi-purpose tool that maximizes productivity. Featuring dual ripper teeth that penetrate the ground for digging underneath the root structure, the Stump Harvester removes unwanted stumps with ease. The wide opening allows operators to pick up and shear large stumps while the angled push-plate backfills the stump hole to level ground. For wood processing applications, including roadside and tree-line work, the versatile Stump Harvester also features a single ripper tooth that instantly splits and pries apart stumps and logs. The contoured cutting blade gives effortless cross-grain shearing action for processing wood that’s ready as firewood, for mulching, or transport.
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