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Rotating Utility Grapple
  • 4-in-1 Bucket
  • Rotating Log Grapple
  • Rotating Utility Grapple
  • Wood Processing Grapple
  • Demolition Grapple


Strengthen your hold on landscaping projects and lumber yard applications with an AMI Rotating Utility Grapple. From armor stone retaining walls and detailed rock features to picking up and loading logs, the Rotating Utility Grapple features the precision and strength to move and position rocks, logs and hard to handle objects with outstanding efficiency. Hydraulically-rotating 360 degrees, the Rotating Utility Grapple allows for openings up to 60”, giving machine operators the ability to pick up and move both small and large objects. With a three-tine configuration that delivers exceptional gripping strength, the AMI Rotating Utility Grapple gives you the flexibility to pick, spin, stack and position each rock or log with incredible control.
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