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Root Rake
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The AMI Root Rake is a powerful tool that clears away unwanted roots, limbs and brush while leaving behind valuable soil. Operators are now able to clear away scrub more efficiently by reducing the amount of soil collected along with the brush. This allows for lower dumping and transportation costs and keeps the soil where it is needed. Built with AR400 steel tines, the AMI Root Rake is a solid tool that is ready to sweep its way through the toughest debris with minimal wear. The round tube crossbar adds an extra level of lateral strength and traps debris as you rake. AMI operators also see the powerful benefits of the exclusive Coupler system, making it easy to switch attachments without losing any break-out force. From forestry clearing to green waste disposal, AMI is able to custom build the root rake that's right for your machine and application.
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When an “out-of-the-box” attachment doesn’t cut it, AMI engineering will custom build an attachment to your exacting specifications.
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