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Large Diameter Pipe Grapple
  • Rotating Grapple
  • Scrap Grapple
  • Garbage Grapple
  • High Dump Grapple Bucket
  • Removable Grapple
  • Rake Grapple
  • Feedlot Grapple
  • Mat Handling Grapple
  • Compact WL Rig Mat
  • Pipe and Pole Grapple
  • Pipe and Pole Yard Grapple
  • Large Diameter Pipe Grapple
  • Saw Log Grapple
  • Log & Lumber Grapple
  • Multi Purpose Grapple
  • Log Grapple with Live Tine


Large or small, the AMI Pole Grapple handles it all. With high visibility and a tight radius on the grapple, picking up poles safely and securely is easy. The by-pass grapple is able to clamp tightly around even a 6" diameter pole. Made for everyday, all-weather use, the grapple hydraulic system has nitrate treated rods, cushioning cylinders and spherical bearings. Contact AMI Attachments for more info and sizes of the pole grapple.
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When an “out-of-the-box” attachment doesn’t cut it, AMI engineering will custom build an attachment to your exacting specifications.
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