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Excavator Hydraulic Thumb Guide

The easiest and fastest way to get more capability from your excavator is to install a Hydraulic Thumb. With an AMI Attachments Hydraulic Thumb, your excavator goes from digging to complete material handling. A Hydraulic Thumb makes it easier to pick, hold and move awkward material such as rocks, concrete, branches, and debris that does not fit into the bucket. AMI Attachments offer two types of Hydraulic thumbs, the stick pivot and Pro-Link. This guide will help you understand the differences and decide which is right for you.

T1 Steel
T1 Steel
Mesh with Bucket Teeth
Mesh with Bucket Teeth
Multiple Tines
2, 3, 4 Tines
2 Year Warranty

AMI Hydraulic Thumbs Features

Thumb rotation image

Rotates on same pivot as the original bucket pin

Prevents material from slipping or grinding when rotating

Thumb tucks tight image

Tucks up tight against stick

Stays out of the way when not in use

Spherical Bushings image

Spherical Bushings

Prevents cylinder damage by aligning cylinder during uneven clamping pressure

Cushioning cylinder image

Cushioning Cylinder

Reduces machine shake by slowing motion at the ends of the cylinder stroke

Progressive Link Thumb 


AMI's Progressive Link Thumb provides more constant pressure throughout the entire cylinder range. The thumb achieves more than 180 degree rotation which makes it easy to reach and pick up objects that are close to your excavator.

AMI Progressive Link Thumb photo

Everyday Use

  • Material handling
  • Site preparation
  • Land Clearing
  • Demolition
  • Forestry
  • Clean up
  • General Purpose
AMI Progressive Link Thumb full rotation illustration

100% Bucket Rotation

The extra linkage expands thumb's reach across the bucket's entire rotation including at full roll out. This provides superior material handling at high reaches making it ideal for demolition or building high rock walls.

AMI Progressive Link Thumb side profile

Works Closely to Machine

Picking and handling objects closer to the machine is easier which improves productivity, reduces repositioning and allows you to work in smaller spaces.

Stick Pivot Thumbs

AMI Stick Pivot Thumb photo

The AMI Hydraulic Stick Pivot Thumb provides great functionality to your excavator and backhoe. Stick Pivot means the thumb rotates on the same pivot point as the original bucket pin, not a secondary weld-on pivot point. The hydraulic cylinder is also directly connected to the thumb, covering 65-75% bucket rotation. Since both the thumb and the bucket rotate on the same axis, the thumb tip and bucket teeth maintain constant grip on the load when rotating. Unlike thumbs that use a secondary weld-on pivot point, the AMI Stick Pivot eliminates scraping and slippage and reduces risk of release during rotation.

Covers 65 - 75% Bucket Rotation

Occasional Use

  • Material handling
  • Site preparation
  • Land Clearing
  • Demolition
  • Forestry
  • Clean up
  • General Purpose

Other Products

AMI Graptor logo
AMI Strong Hold Actuator logo

Built into the AMI Grapple Bucket is a rotary actuated thumb, allowing full bucket rotation without losing grip of your load.

AMI Graptor Grapple bucket photo
AMI Jaw Bone logo
AMI Strong Hold Actuator logo
AMI Jawbone 4 in 1 bucket photo

When multi-tasking is a must, the AMI Attachments Jawbone 4-in-1 Excavator Bucket responds with a multi-purpose design that digs, grades, grips and clamshells.

AMI JawBone bucket 4 positions illustration

Excavator Thumb Feature Comparison Chart

  Pro-Link Thumb
Thumb Bucket
Jaw Bone 4-in-1
Jaw Bone
4-in-1 Bucket
Description Provides useful picking and holding capabilities for dedicated machine applications. Thumb stores tight against the stick allowing for normal digging/ditching operation without restriction. Provides strong holding force, efficient and safe demolition with minor digging bucket capabilities. Allows for quick disconnect and sharing between machines. Provides broad versatility when multiple tools are required to complete routine tasks. When switching attachments becomes inefficient or not possible.
Interchange between machines N Y Y
Secure load through full bucket rotation Low High Med
Non-restrictive digging/ditching application Y N Y
Ideal for Demolition Application Med High Low
Tines 2,3,4 4 0
Bucket edge N/A Tooth Tooth & Smooth
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