Nerves of steel is what it takes to supply AMI Attachments with raw materials that stand up to the harsh conditions you face every day. That’s why inside most of our products is Hardox steel, a recognized name in steel that is synonymous with strength, durability and trust.

Hardox wear steel provides a unique combination of hardness and toughness, resulting in first-class products that are manufactured to weigh less, withstand abrasion, perform better, carry more payloads and last longer—all under the harshest conditions.

In the quest for stronger and lighter products, AMI Attachments also relies on Strenx high-performance structural steel. Working with Strenx steel makes our attachments stronger, lighter, safer, more competitive and more sustainable.

Hardox in my body

Hardox in my body™ Certified Member


AMI Attachments is a certified member of the Hardox in my Body program. This strict accreditation means that we provide our customers with buckets manufactured from genuine wear-resistant steel that sets the standard worldwide for being harder, tougher and lighter. The “HARDOX in my Body” sign on your AMI product is your safeguard that your bucket is made from genuine Hardox wear plate – a wear steel that offers the same hardness and tensile strength throughout and will not restrict your work with the bucket.

Hardox in my body

MY INNER STRENx™ Certified Member


As a certified member of the My Inner Strenx program, AMI Attachments provides customers with a trademark sign that identifies the superior steel and quality-controlled production techniques used during the manufacturing process.



Extreme Service Rock Bucket Extreme Service Dig Bucket
Severe Duty Dig Bucket Integrated Thumb Bucket
Root Rake Root Rake
Frost Bucket Rock Screening Bucket
Ripper Tooth Kraken Concrete Pulverizer
Demolition Wood Processing Grapple
Sorting Grapple Mat Handling Grapple
Heavy Duty Performance Bucket Spade Nose Bucket
Rotary Tilt Ditching Bucket Tilt Ditching Bucket
4-in-1 Jawbone Bucket Heavy Duty Recessed Pin Bucket
Pipe and Pole Grapple  
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