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Oil & Gas Attachments

The Canadian Oil and Gas industry is a tough environment to work in. Every day, heavy duty machinery is worked to extreme limits. To keep pace with these harsh conditions, AMI Attachments has developed a specialized line of heavy duty Oil and Gas attachments for Excavators and Wheel Loaders.

Mat Handling Grapple action photo

Mat Handling Grapples

Handle rig mats with smooth control and ultimate flexibility. Designed for ease of use and precision operation, these ruggedly constructed grapples feature easy connection, precision controls, high visibility and impressive maneuverability.

Pipe & Pole Grapple action photo

Pipe & Pole Grapples

For safe and secure handling of pipes and poles. The excavator model features hydraulic and spring controls while the wheel loader model is hard to abuse with fully protected hydraulics, impressive operator visibility and sequence valves for predictable control.

Wheel Loader Pipe & Pole
Wheel Loader Pipe & Pole Grapple photo
Available with Side Shift (left) and Tilting (right) options
Large Diameter Pipe Grapple action photo

Large Diameter
Pipe Grapples

Large or small, the AMI Pole Grapple handles it all. With high visibility and a tight radius on the grapple, picking up poles safely and securely is easy. The by-pass grapple is able to clamp tightly around even a 6" diameter pole. Made for everyday, all-weather use, the grapple hydraulic system has nitrate treated rods, cushioning cylinders and spherical bearings.

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